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The official Sally logo. In a monochrome light blue, a cloud sits on top of the name “Sally” in a whimsical font. In the cloud are the silhouettes of six kids and two adults. The three kids on the left are playing: running and jumping. The two adults are standing in the middle, close to each other. One holds her hand out to a kid on the right. The two remaining kids on the right are dancing: one is doing an arabesque, the other is balancing on one foot.

Sally is a new genre of life-simulation game about community and belonging.

Embark on the Sally, a flying ship crewed by kids and stewarded by two caring grandmas. Find your place among this found-family by discovering who you’re meant to be. Build lasting relationships and explore the world to find a far away land to call home.

Three screenshots from the Sally video game in cloud-shaped frames. On the left, three kids pose near a field of sunflowers. Bags of wheat and carrot seeds are displayed on wooden crates. The middle frame shows groups of diverse kids enjoying the sunny day as an older lady watches. In the right frame is a beautiful hut with red open doors, perched on a wooden deck and stairs.

Create lasting memories

Develop bonds like friendships and rivalries whilst getting to know your crew's distinctive personality. Events, memories, relationships and moods will influence every crewmate's reaction!

A screenshot from the Sally video game in a cloud-shaped frame. A red armchair is seen from the back, inside the Sally. In front of it is the ship’s helm, mounted on an arrangement of metal pipes. They sit on a colorful rug with house plants nearby. In front of the chair are an array of beautiful crystals: big pieces in hues of blue, purple and pink rest against the wall. The chair looks towards an enormous round window, showing a serene purple night sky full of shining stars and peaceful clouds. Some stars are shining brighter, creating a constellation. The constellation glows faintly, and is in the shape of a helm.

Find your path 

Be who you want to be by navigating your own set of skills. In what ways will you leave your mark in this community? Every choice affects your journey aboard the Sally - and everyone's experience will be truly unique. 

Craft, build, farm & more!

An array of cozy activities awaits: gather resources on unexplored islands. Cook a comforting meal for your best friend. Take care of animals, build new structures, craft new items, and customize the Sally to feel at home.

A cozy kitchen screenshot from the Sally video game in a cloud-shaped frame. A basket full of freshly-picked mushrooms sits on a wooden bench, right next to a carrot cake in a plate. The bench is on a beautiful blue rug that matches the white and blue kitchen tiles. A big brick oven gives off a cozy vibe, light emerging from the charcoal. A basket with a loaf of bread, bags of flour and sugar and a plant are on the white-tiled counter next to the oven. A green-leafed plant with white flowers hangs from a shelf.
A ship screenshot from the Sally video game in a cloud-shaped frame. The ship is sailing through the blue sky, as great mountains can be seen in the distance. It resembles a frog: round windows gives the frog its “eyes”, whilst its green body covered with moss completes the distinctive look. Four big white sails on wooden mats are stretched by the wind. The ship also has an impressive stone building surrounded by living trees on its back. On the side of the Sally, a gigantic drum lets out some steam, helping it stay afloat. Its rusty metal underbelly suggests the Sally will need some repairs.

Explore a rich new world

The world of Sally is filled with surprises awaiting to be discovered. Journey through ever-changing seasons and landscapes. Explore to your heart's content, at your own pace.

Help the Sally on its journey to you!

A preorder store is now open for Sally.

It includes merchandise items from the successful Kickstarter campaign, an alpha

access to Sally, and preorders for both Nintendo Switch and PC at a reduced price point.

Your support is what makes Sally possible - all funds go into developing the game and

 building the best possible experience for everyone.
Welcome aboard!

An image of a cute bison, in a cloud-shaped frame. The bison is chibi-looking. It has light grey fur and a dark grey muzzle and behind. The two small black horns on its head are black, and its big adorable eyes reflect the light. It’s standing in a field of tall grass and pink and yellow wildflowers. On the right, a tiny patch of lavender is being visited by white butterflies. A bush of elderberry is in the background.
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